Avia-light Installation by Ivan Radev, Radera

Ivan Radev, Radera Spotlights The Avia Light Installation

Ivan Radev, Radera, the designer of the displayed project Avia - Light Installation by Ivan Radev, Radera says, The lighting installation was inspired and designed for a particular space with a great height and huge windows on two sides of the room on the main floor in a private house.The main idea of this was to be able to react with sunlight through out the day and indoor spot lighting in the evening, so that its glass facets can refract and reflect the light, to give a rainbow effect.The installation hangs 5.6 meters from the floor.The materials used in the construction are; glass details-15 mm (Clearvison)Faceted polished glass, used polished stainless steel details and steel ropes..

Avia-light Installation by Ivan Radev, Radera Images:

VIA: http://competition.adesignaward.com/design.php?ID=46406

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